Chapter Room Renovations


We are happy to announce that we have all mutually agreed as a fraternity that it is time to renovate our chapter room. This room represents our fraternity and shows the way we look at ourselves as a fraternity. Our brotherhood is strong and growing and its time that we make improvements to show this. As all of us know is a great place for all of the guys to hang out, hold our chapter meetings every week, and the many other benefits. We sat down and wrote out a budget that will cost us $2,000. The renovations will include:


•   New flooring

•   New double doors with a locked keypad

•   New paint on the walls

•   New furniture

•   A ping pong table

•   New windows

•   Curtains 

•   Wall repairs


We hope that all of you will possibly help us get to our goal so we can take the necessary steps to making our goal a reality. Once the necessary amount of money is raised we will keep everyone posted on the site with pictures of how the renovations are going, and a hopeful brand new chapter room.


Below is a link to our donations page. When you get to the link just click the chip in button. Thank you for all of the donations and support.

Homecoming 2012

Homecoming is coming around the corner and we are starting to finalize plans with our float so we can finish first among Greeks again. We are teaming up with Phi Sigma Sigma and Delta Chi this year and our float, and our theme is Halloween. Homecoming is from the 7-13 and the parade is on the 13th. Hope to see everyone there. 

ΑΚΛ Takes 2nd Place at Homecoming With ΑΣΑ

After a long week of hard work ΑΚΛ takes second place with ΑΣΑ in Homecoming. The theme of this years homecoming was around the world, so we decided to build a float that lays out all of the wonders of the world. Thank you to everyone that came and all the hard work put into the float. 

Our "Xi" Pledge Class

Alpha Kappa Lambda at Chi Chapter is proud to announce its first pledge class of the Fall 2011 semester, the Xi class. The Xi class was officially initiated in December, and is off to a great start in their quest to become brothers of our fraternity. Below is some info for you to get to know the new members of AKL at Chi chapter.


Sidney Sokoloff
Year: Junior 
Major: Graphics and Multimedia/Graphic Design
High School: North Allegheny
James "Jim" Yackmack 
Year: Sophomore
Major: Technology Education
High School: Kittaning High School